Our Dishes

“I value more the taste and
thequality of the product than
the presentation of a plate full of fireworks”
The chef, Felip Llufriu


The focus on flavor is infused in the DNA
of each dish, the Mon Restaurant Inn
offers us a Menu that surprises us in
every bite, a Tasting Menu and our Mon
Menu which is full of daily nuances.

A la carte or in menu

Mon is "Mine", it is the intrinsic property of the taste that transforms the palate of those who taste the dishes of Felip Llufriu, because they make them their own. Mon is Menorca in its purest state, it's gastronomy, it's flavor ...

Mon Menu

A menu with a life of its own that dances to the rhythm of what nature offers us each season of the year.

Mon proposes a classic menu in which you can choose between different suggestions of a first and second course and a variable, seasonal dessert. Perfect for the day to day.

Price: 32.5€

Tasting menu

“The kitchen is alchemy of love”
Guy de Maupassant, Tales of the woodcock

We are simple gourmets, we like to eat and enjoy small but essential luxuries, such as food.
For those like us who appreciate exquisiteness, we offer our Tasting Menu, consisting of three appetizers, one fish dish, one meat dish and two desserts.  

Price: 69.5€
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