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The luxury of a boutique hotel

MON, one of the great restaurants in Menorca
converted into a charming boutique hotel

We understand Mon as it is traditionally understood in Menorca, a transformer that just by naming it, it comes into its own.

Mon is "Mine", it is the footprint, the intrinsic emotion of an experience that becomes your own when you live it, when you make it your own. Mon is Menorca in its purest state, it is gastronomy, it is well-being and relaxation ...

Mon is mine, yours and ours. We hope that you will keep the emotion generated by an individual or shared experience as a fond memory.


Small charming hotels in Menorca

The Mon Inn

The return to the original is a commitment that goes beyond the kitchen, it is a commitment to the recovery of a gastronomic and architectural legacy that keeps the traveler in mind while restoring an old deco-style building built in 1935 and located in the center of Ciutadella, Menorca. One of the small charming hotels in Menorca with a grand commitment to tradition.

A planned rehabilitation of the hotel´s star binomial, the Inn is a place of relaxation that has a traditional Menorcan gastronomic restaurant that offers the traveler spacious rooms in an open environment in what we consider as one of Menorca´s most charming hotels.

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Your restaurant in Menorca

The Mon Restaurant Inn is the personal project of chef Felip Lluifriu, whose experience and love for cooking have brought him back to his native island, the roots and essence of his passion for gastronomy and the luxury in the small details that gave him wings in his professional career.

The expansion of the Restaurant to an Inn completes the meaning of the word Mon, the conviction to work and perfect even the smallest details, because what is ours in Menorca we want to make yours and share it with you under one roof.

Now that you know you are in one of the best restaurants in Menorca, under this premise of unquestionable quality we present one of the most charming hotels of Ciutadella, Menorca. We have recovered this deco-style building that dates back to 1935 under the Inn concept as a symbol of well-being, relaxation and the flavor of this land.

Menorcan tradition and avant-garde

After years of working in some of the best restaurants in Barcelona, ??like the Roca Moo, which in that time won a Michellin star in 2013, Felip Llufriu delves into his culinary roots, aromas and flavors that as a child awakened his passion for gastronomy.

A return to the simplicity and naturalness of Menorcan and Balearic dishes in which products of proximity and meticulous teamwork prevail, which leads us to the stimulating awakening of the flavors from Menorca.

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